If you haven’t heard of the Heartbleed Vulnerability by now, accept this as your official notice. This bug has all of the experts talking.

Yahoo, Google, Tumblr, Facebook, Amazon are all affected.
For a constantly updated list of sites, click HERE.

In short, if you have an online account with any website your password has probably been compromised. This means that you should go to EVERY website that requires your username and password and change your password. Don’t wait for the website to tell you if you are safe or not.

On your mobile device, you should log out and log back in.

Keep in mind that good password safety means the following:
• Your password is at least 8 characters long
• It contains Numbers, Lower Case Letters, Upper Case Letters and at least a symbol
• You DO NOT use the same password for different sites
• Your email password is the most complicated – it is where your password requests go

Once you have changed your password, use THIS SITE to check to make sure that company has updated their technology. If they haven’t, keep changing your password regularly (and stay off that site) until they do.

Here’s the non-geek version of what is going on. Websites use a “Layered” security to keep your logons hidden from hackers. Recently, researchers found that a simple hack could reveal usernames, passwords, credit card information, personal information, and more. The scary part is that it is a simple hack and leaves ABSOLUTELY NO TRACE.

For all the articles I used to research this and to read the Geek version…


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