Saw my first live UFC fight last night. So many muscle-bound juice heads in one place was intimidating. THEN the fighters entered the building.

My experience has taught me a few things.

  1. People will allow themselves to beaten to a bloody pulp for glory and a belt that I could have purchased outside for $400.
  2. The Octagon looks much smaller in person. Although, I couldn’t run for my life for 15 minutes in one.
  3. Women will wear anything in public if they know their Roid-Raging boyfriends can defend their honor with their fists. And, why do they get so mad when I just want to take a picture for my Tumblr account?
  4. If you don’t let a woman get away with shoving her way to the front of a line you have been waiting in for 20 minutes “because she’s a girl”, you are not a “gentleman”. (although, no one ever accused me of being a gentleman any way.)
  5. The 1st Mariner Arena is the most poorly planned dump in Baltimore and should never be used to capacity again.
  6. Nothing will hone your city driving skills like the desperate need to pee.

All in all, it was a pretty cool experience.


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