It has been revealed that a hacker (hacking group) has stolen over 272 million email addresses and passwords. These are from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail.

Even if you don’t use these – KEEP READING.
Think about how bad this could be. If a hacker can get into your email without you knowing it, they now have unfettered access to all of the online services for which you use your email address as a password recovery system.

They can search your old emails to find out what financial institutions you use. Those institutions let you use your email to recover both your username and password.  Go to sleep tonight happy and wake up tomorrow morning with all of your money gone.

“Holy Cow!!! How can I prevent this?” you ask.  Here are a few steps you should take…

  1. Make your email password something different from any other password you use for anything else. Not even close. If you use a pneumonic to create your passwords, don’t even use it.
  2. If you don’t use 2-Factor Authentication (see #3) change your password NOW!
  3. Use 2-Factor Authentication for your email service provider. Even if they have your password, they can’t get into your account without knowing your Authentication Code (this is a code that is randomly generated every minute)
    1. If your email service doesn’t provide one – SWITCH NOW
      Your cable providers usually don’t – One more reason not to use them for your personal email (if you switch providers, you will lose your email address)
    2. If they do, turn it on TODAY.
      1. Google –
      2. Yahoo –
      3. Hotmail/Outlook –
  1. If your financial institutions offer 2-Factor authentication and you don’t have it enabled, enable it NOW.
  2. If you have your email on your phone (and who doesn’t) turn on your device locator service. This service will enable you to remotely wipe your phone if it is ever stolen.
    1. Android –
    2. iPhone –

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