Further Proof of the Level of Stupidity that is Kanye West

Kanye West suggests African-American slavery was ‘a choice’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43970903


Game of Thrones Mini Update

Today’s been an adventure. Game of Thrones tour has been awesome. While we were out a snow storm had been tearing through Reykjavik closing all but one route back. We are taking a 2 hour detour. Stopped right now because a different bus slid off the road and is stuck on the shoulder and we are taking on passengers.

Stop 2

Father north and a few degrees colder and, nothing. The snow was deeper and the clouds were thicker.

We’re back on the bus and waiting to go to the next stop.

Northern Lights Mystery Tour

Well, I found out why they add the word mystery to the title… It’s a mystery whether or not you will see any.

At our first stop, 15° was the temperature. After 20 minutes, the clouds started rolling in so we picked up stakes and headed north.

We are on our way to stop number 2.

Side note, the pictures you see on the post cards are time lapse photos stitched together.

Blue Lagoon Update

Holy cow, was this place awesome! As promised, the water was blue. It was nice and warm and ever so relaxing. We wandered around and eventually waded or way to the bar. It was a little odd that we were all in our bathing suits and the young woman serving is drinks was wearing a winter parka. Be warned, the cafe was pricy. Three sandwiches, 2 beers and a fruit juice was $97.

Monday Morning

Must have been tied, and it doesn’t help that the sun is only it for 5 hours here. Leslie woke everyone up at 0910.

We just woke down ‘Continental Breakfast’ and everyone is showering. It’s Blue Lagoon day. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do the northern lights tonight.

Showers, then a quick walk around or little section of Reykjavik before catching the bus.

Iceland Trip – Saturday

Made it to the hotel in the dark. (Sunrise at 1057). We have time to kill before or Northern Lights tour. Michael is trying to get people to go to downtown Reykjavik but it’s 25° with a wind chill of 3° and driving snow and no one is that brave. Chilling in the room for a while until we find out if the tour is on.

Iceland Trip Day 1 Update

Or flight is delayed by to hours and twenty minutes.

The poor couple during across from me in the lounge got a small dose of what traveling with the Briggs clan is going to be like. They are on the same travel group as us. They have already invited Leslie to dinner with them because they are going to try the pickled shark.